My Style (sorry its a bit long but bear with me)

Weddings are fantastic colourful events, with personalities, happiness, laughter and tears. My aim is to capture all of these emotions and vibrant colours and give you cool photographs designed to last the test of time.

If you’re after a more orthodox wedding photographer, then maybe I’m not your cup of tea. Sure I’ll take group photographs and photos of your Aunts and Uncles but Im really after something a bit more dynamic and natural - something different!

So what defines my photography? 

Firstly I love geometry in photography, I look for shapes and locations that will enhance and frame my couples. Trees, buildings even plain old fences can create awesome portraits. Elegant and contemporary.

Simplicity! So many photographs have distracting elements - with a bit of thought and planning these can be easily removed. Simplicity concentrates the attention on the most important people of the day. The happy couple.

Natural and elegant  a really important one this. I don’t ‘pose’ people but rather direct. Im after a natural look. I often set up scenarios for you to follow and put your mind in a certain place/feeling. If you go for it (and trust in me), it will lead to some stunning photographs.

Moments…. these can be some of the most rewarding photographs to take. People laughing, crying or just chatting. Weddings are extremely social events, with people often travelling from around the country or even the world! There are many buzz words in the wedding photography industry ‘storytelling’, ‘photojournalistic’ etc. Sorry fellow photographer but you should be doing this naturally and not selling yourself using buzzwords.

Relaxed. Im not a hyper type of person. Im cool and calm. I’m not bossy or intrusive. If you don’t want photographs taken because you’re having a good time.. cool it’s your day and your call. It won’t stop me asking though!

What I don’t do… Spot colour (Black and white with a splash of colour). Dinosaurs or marshmallow men in the background. Silly photographs (bride in a brandy glass etc). That’s about it really. Sorry only being honest.

 Final thoughts. It’s really easy to get in a rut when photographing weddings (similar to most jobs I suppose) So its vitally important that whoever you choose on your wedding day is creative and fresh, trying different angles and techniques, pushing the art of wedding photography to another level. Hopefully from the above you’ll see something in me a bit different and sometimes daring. If you do, and like it, pop over to my contact page send me an email and lets get the ball rolling!


Hoping our paths cross soon.