Why are Wedding Photographers so expensive?

I don’t think we are really.. We need very expensive equipment that needs to be replaced periodically, this then has to be insured. We need public liability insurance in case of any mishaps. Not forgetting web design, online galleries and hosting, various computer software, powerful computers and a multitude of backup systems. I haven’t even included the car and any ongoing training. After the wedding the images need to be edited, from the RAW files, they need to be processed and uploaded to the online gallery this can take 30-40 hours. Hope that gives you a brief insight…

What happens if the Weather is bad?

I often visit the venue before the wedding to check for different locations to shoot from (even if I’ve been there many times before) this will include locations if the weather is not so good.

Do you have a contract?

Yes definitely. It protects you and me.

What happens if you fall ill on our wedding day?

I take a painkiller and get on with it. Seriously though.. through Society/Association membership I can quickly call  upon a replacement. I also network with many wedding photographers if there’s a serious problem.

So if we have two photographers on the day – will that cost me more?

Yes, another £200.00. A second photographer is a great idea, this enables us to get more images, from different angles.

Do I get a disk with all the images?

Yes. A custom USB stick is available for an additional charge. In this modern digital age it would seem ridiculous not to offer images only however, the copyright does still remain with the photographer. You will be able to view a password protected online gallery and also order prints or download if you wish. Head over to my Collections for prices and options.

How long before I can see the images after the wedding?

The images will be uploaded to the online gallery within 14- 21 days, I often post a few ‘sneaky peek’ images on my Facebook page.

Are you insured?

Yes, for public liability and Professional indemnity also my camera equipment is covered for loss, damage etc.

Do you provide albums?

Certainly, I love to see photographs in print, there's just nothing like it!

How many images will I recieve?

Approximately 250-350 images from an all day wedding. All of my images are colour balanced and retouched in Photoshop. Expect another 50-100 images if a second photographer is used.

My Uncle/friend has a digital camera and can shoot the wedding for free?

Please see all of the above.. Whilst good quality cameras are becoming more mainstream, the camera just records the image. There is more to photography than just the camera, you wouldn’t say to a chef  ”you have sharp knifes, I bet you're a good cook”. Please remember you only have one go at photographing a wedding.