Greetham Valley Golf Club

Sarah & Jeff - Greetham Valley Golf Club, Rutland

The lovely Sarah and Jeff.. The Priory Church in Deeping St James.. This can only mean  one thing… A WEDDING!!

The Priory Church is old! Dating back several centuries (easy to tell as theres not a straight vertical, or level horizontal anywhere!) and unusually for churches, has some pretty decent light. The Vicar was very accommodating, which is lovely to see these days. Its worth noting that Im very discreet during the ceremony and try really hard not to be distracting, Im like a  Church Ninja :)

After the ceremony it was off to Greetham Valley Golf Club. I'm usually a bit sceptical about Golf clubs turning there hand to wedding receptions, but the last few weddings at golf clubs I've covered (including Greetham Valley) really have done a great job, so thumbs up! The water hazards really do make for some idillic photographs and its always a laugh getting the Bride and Groom into the golf carts for a wee spin around the course.

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words…" So heres a few from the day.