Kylie and Tom 'Wedfest'


I haven't blogged for a while which is strange because I actually like doing it. As ever time always seems to be an issue.. Though I would kick off again with a wedding and a special one at that. I've known Kylie a while, quite a while in fact, since she was a baby!

Kylie met Tom and not surprisingly they became a couple. Tom's a top man. Witty, handsome, kind and generous (he's definitely generous he gave me £20 to write the last sentence!). After some tough times, plans were set for the wedding, 

I was over the moon when they asked me to document their wedding day, they are both laid back and fun to be around, in fact during the wedding I nipped away to find Kylie's veil, when I returned they were dancing together in a field on their own, a fabulous thing to see. I almost forgot to take some photos!!

Anyhow, I'm getting ahead of myself.... I met up with Kylie at her mum's house. The atmosphere was great, relaxed and easy going... The only issue was what shoes! With the shoes sorted and Kylie looking stunning she was ready for the day ahead. Kylie's dad (and chauffeur for the day) turned up and looked truly amazed when he saw Kylie for the first time, a lovely moment.

Time to leave and meet Tom at St Mary's Church in Little Hallingbury.

Tom was in Tweed and looked particularly smart and suited Kylie's dress perfectly. Unfortunately I couldn't move around much in the church but was quite pleased with my vantage point. The service was great with a few moments of emotion creeping in.

Afterwards it was outside into the glorious British summer... Errrr no. It started to rain.

After a few group photos and the weather not really dampening people's spirits it was off to the the venue. Great Tey Farm in Great Tey (surprise, surprise). Think Glastonbury for weddings and you get the idea. Straw bails, games and tepees/bell tents all set next to a beautiful lake. A few beers later and the party was in full swing and the rain finally stopped and the sun came out. The evening went into the wee hours of the morning (with some crazy dancing) and many of the guests staying onsite or at local hotels. All in all a fantastic day and a lovely group of people, I wish Kylie and Tom all the best for the future.

Sarah & Jeff - Greetham Valley Golf Club, Rutland

The lovely Sarah and Jeff.. The Priory Church in Deeping St James.. This can only mean  one thing… A WEDDING!!

The Priory Church is old! Dating back several centuries (easy to tell as theres not a straight vertical, or level horizontal anywhere!) and unusually for churches, has some pretty decent light. The Vicar was very accommodating, which is lovely to see these days. Its worth noting that Im very discreet during the ceremony and try really hard not to be distracting, Im like a  Church Ninja :)

After the ceremony it was off to Greetham Valley Golf Club. I'm usually a bit sceptical about Golf clubs turning there hand to wedding receptions, but the last few weddings at golf clubs I've covered (including Greetham Valley) really have done a great job, so thumbs up! The water hazards really do make for some idillic photographs and its always a laugh getting the Bride and Groom into the golf carts for a wee spin around the course.

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words…" So heres a few from the day.

Sophie & Rob - The Old Hall Hotel, Ely

Sunday saw me helping my good mate Ryan Jarvis photograph the wedding of Sophie and Rob. The whole wedding day was to take place at The Old Hall Hotel just outside Ely, excellent no driving like Michael Schumacher between locations! The ceremony was going to take place outside, so I had everything crossed on the drive to Ely. Luckily my “Anti rain dance” I had preformed on Friday night seemed to work, slightly cloudy and a little windy but pretty much ideal photography conditions. 

The whole day went really well with Rob’s mates in blinding form and Sophie and the bridesmaids looking very sophisticated and elegant. There were so many little touches and details it was difficult to take them all in. Rob’s into Lego…. errr ok.. but every place setting at the wedding breakfast had a small Lego figure, these were matched to look like the guest at that seat. just before I go, I must say the speeches were some of the best I’ve heard. Absolutely hilarious, totally original and certainly not Googled.

Click image to enlarge:)

Studio Workshop Day

I recently attended a one day studio workshop run by Karl Bratby in Nottingham. Karl is a respected photographer in the industry and an all round pretty nice chap. His wedding work has a very editorial feel and this is something I am interested in. 

I arrived in Nottingham with no fuss and made way up to the studio. It was on the top floor (4th) of an old victorian factory, with no lift! This left me cursing under my breath the fact that I'd bought my roller case stuffed with cameras and lenses.

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Michelle & Dan

I haven't blogged for a while... So thought I would get back on the horse and write a piece on Saturday's wedding. As usual the wedding day preparation starts the day before with my favourite job, charging batteries. It always amazes me how many different types of batteries wedding photographers have to use. Once done all my gear is checked and lenses cleaned and the last thing on my checklist is to synchronise the time on my cameras.
It was a fairly early start and a bit of a drive, but I finally turn up at Dans mum's house to photograph the boys getting ready. As usual the lads get ready in about fifteen minutes so you have to work quickly to get your shots. Then off down the pub opposite the church in Whittlesey. After a few pints of Guinness (Dan not me!) it was into the church for the ceremony. The Vicar was quite strict regarding photography, a shame really as the church had been refurbished and was very light and airy inside and would have made for some great photographs.

After the ceremony the new Mr & Mrs (and guests) piled into their cars and it was off to the Great Northern Hotel in Peterborough for the reception. The hotel was right next to the train station so locations to shoot were challenging. While the couple were enjoying their wedding breakfast we were setting up lights in readiness for the 'couple only' photographs. With some great photos in the bag it was off to setup for the cutting of the cake and the first dance. The Brides brother then sang the song for the first dance (a special moment that) which left many members of both families in tears. We left shortly after to let the couple enjoy the evening with our cameras full of photos and great memories.

Tina & Darryl

Yet another trip up the M11 from Harlow to March in Cambridgeshire, once again helping Ryan Jarvis (we must stop meeting like this, people will start to talk!) shoot the wedding of Tina and Darryl. Saturday was a lovely, pleasantly warm day with bright sunshine. Photographing the boys getting ready was a painless affair with everybody really relaxed and getting ready in about ten minutes (don’t you just love being a man). Next stop: the pub for a quick nerve settler, then over to St Johns church in March for the ceremony. After the ceremony and some live singing, it was down to a nearby nature reserve for the bride and groom pictures. Forty minutes later it was off to the reception with the nice warm feeling inside that Tina and Darryl will have some awesome images. At the reception the children seem quite happy fighting with balloons while the adults chilled out with a few drinks. Finally finished around 8pm, feet aching a little, and wishing my car had cruise control for the trip home.

Wedding photography-harlow-essex

Lisa & Charles

Saturday saw me once again with cameras in hand helping photograph the wedding of Lisa and Charles. A really lovely couple with some of Charles family flying over from Australia to attend. The weather wasn’t fantastic, raining pretty much all day but the humidity was through the roof. Thankfully a small window of bright weather allowed us to take some images outside. Hopefully the weather didn’t spoil their day (It didn’t seem to) and a lovely time was had by all. Here are just a few photographs from the day.

Contrejour photography-wedding photography

Sarah and Richard

Last Saturday found me with camera in hand helping shoot the wedding of Sarah and Richard with Ryan Jarvis. After a traffic free drive to March, Cambridgeshire it was time to get to work and capture the boys getting ready. It’s wasn’t as sunny and hot as of late, which to be honest for me was relief, clouds = softer light. After the usual “how do I do the button hole” and “where’s my jacket!” It was off to the pub for a quick nerve settler. The ceremony went without a hitch, and after the group shots were finished it was off to her majesty’s prison Whitemore… Gulp.

No need for concern it was a great venue with loads to keep the children and adults occupied. The evening went really well and I’m sure they will be over the moon with the images. As ever these images have been heavily compressed to improve loading times 

Contrejour photography-essex-chatteris

Nina and Nathan

Saturdays wedding between Nina and Nathan couldn’t have happens on a more glorious day. The hot, sunny conditions made for difficult photography but that’s what wedding photographers love, a good old fashion challenge. Everybody coped really well in the soaring temperatures and just got on with having a good time. Well enough jibba jabbering, time for some pictures.

Contrejour photography-harlow-essex

Chelsea and Anthony

A couple of weekends ago I found myself in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire helping a friend, Ryan Jarvis shoot the wedding of Chelsea and Anthony. A really lovely young couple and a hoot to photograph. The weather played ball and the day seemed to go very smoothly ending at Chatteris cricket club for the reception. Anyhow, enough of me babbling, how about some pictures 

Harlow wedding photography-Contrejour-photography