Studio Workshop Day

I recently attended a one day studio workshop run by Karl Bratby in Nottingham. Karl is a respected photographer in the industry and an all round pretty nice chap. His wedding work has a very editorial feel and this is something I am interested in. 

I arrived in Nottingham with no fuss and made way up to the studio. It was on the top floor (4th) of an old victorian factory, with no lift! This left me cursing under my breath the fact that I'd bought my roller case stuffed with cameras and lenses.

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Trip to London

My little trip into the big smoke was a while ago now, I've been quite busy, so my personal projects have been placed on the back burner (as far as blogging is concerned). I've only really got around to editing these photographs recently and thought it would be a shame not to share a few.

It wasn't a bad day really, a little overcast and a bit chilly to start with, but brightened up towards the end of the day and the early evening light was simply lovely. I travelled pretty light, one camera, a couple of prime (non zoom) lenses and enough money for a cheeky beer or two.

I try and think a bit outside of the box when I do these kind of shoots and deliberately avoided shooting the norm. I was looking for different angles, reflections, forms and colours it's a great way of forcing yourself into 'seeing' the world differently. Producing different images of iconic places and buildings can be challenging and slightly different from the photographs I usually make.  

Unfortunately time was against me, and I had to leave London behind. Travelling home on the train with a memory card full of images and a few beers in my belly, I was indeed a happy bunny...


I love photographing weddings but i also love shooting bands, the challenge of dark venues with uncontrollable light is really challenging. A friend of mine (Keith) was playing down our local, so I packed up the camera gear for a short photo session (and I fancied a few beers!).

The photography didn’t start as I expected with the first half of the set getting missed because I was catching up with some old friends. Ho hum…

Made it for the second half though. With the venue being so dark I used the fastest lenses in the bag and tried to go for some atmospheric, arty shots. I really don’t like using a flash at gigs, it kind of kills the shot and setting up light stands, flashes and remote triggers is just asking for trouble. Getting tack sharp images was virtually impossible but I carried on shooting.

The gig went down a storm and everybody seemed happy (beer might have had something to do with it!). Top stuff Mashed, and happy birthday Keith 

If you are getting married and want an up-beat, fun band for your wedding reception, you won’t go far wrong booking Mashed.

Mashed band