Kylie and Tom 'Wedfest'


I haven't blogged for a while which is strange because I actually like doing it. As ever time always seems to be an issue.. Though I would kick off again with a wedding and a special one at that. I've known Kylie a while, quite a while in fact, since she was a baby!

Kylie met Tom and not surprisingly they became a couple. Tom's a top man. Witty, handsome, kind and generous (he's definitely generous he gave me £20 to write the last sentence!). After some tough times, plans were set for the wedding, 

I was over the moon when they asked me to document their wedding day, they are both laid back and fun to be around, in fact during the wedding I nipped away to find Kylie's veil, when I returned they were dancing together in a field on their own, a fabulous thing to see. I almost forgot to take some photos!!

Anyhow, I'm getting ahead of myself.... I met up with Kylie at her mum's house. The atmosphere was great, relaxed and easy going... The only issue was what shoes! With the shoes sorted and Kylie looking stunning she was ready for the day ahead. Kylie's dad (and chauffeur for the day) turned up and looked truly amazed when he saw Kylie for the first time, a lovely moment.

Time to leave and meet Tom at St Mary's Church in Little Hallingbury.

Tom was in Tweed and looked particularly smart and suited Kylie's dress perfectly. Unfortunately I couldn't move around much in the church but was quite pleased with my vantage point. The service was great with a few moments of emotion creeping in.

Afterwards it was outside into the glorious British summer... Errrr no. It started to rain.

After a few group photos and the weather not really dampening people's spirits it was off to the the venue. Great Tey Farm in Great Tey (surprise, surprise). Think Glastonbury for weddings and you get the idea. Straw bails, games and tepees/bell tents all set next to a beautiful lake. A few beers later and the party was in full swing and the rain finally stopped and the sun came out. The evening went into the wee hours of the morning (with some crazy dancing) and many of the guests staying onsite or at local hotels. All in all a fantastic day and a lovely group of people, I wish Kylie and Tom all the best for the future.