Harlow Running Club "Boundary Run"

After a late finishing wedding on Saturday and an arduous short journey home (thanks to M25 roadworks) I was looking forward to a relaxing Sunday morning. I had promised to take some photos for the Harlow running clubs 'boundary run' so with a cup of coffee eagerly consumed it was off to the Moorhen Pub in Harlow for the start of the run.

The run follows the outskirts of Harlow and is approximately 17 miles, with different meeting points so the club members could run different distances. It is a 'fun' run and was arranged to commemorate 25 years since the club was founded. Even though I'm not usually at my best after a fourteen hour day and little sleep the club member's enthusiasm and banter is so infectious they really genuinely seem to be a friendly club. I had planned to just shoot a couple of group photos, but stopped a couple of times on route for some additional photographs. My thinking was, if these guys are going to make the effort so will I!

It seemed to go really well with a few minor hiccups. I really never appreciated how complex Harlow's borders were so no surprises when a few members went a bit astray. With stories of killer cows and a couple of runners going for a 'burton' the atmosphere at the finish (the Moorhen pub again) was a mixture of relief and endorphin-induced adulation. A big well done to all the members of of Harlow Running Club, I tip my hat to you :)

For details of the club please head over to http://www.thehrc.org.uk

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