Sophie & Rob - The Old Hall Hotel, Ely

Sunday saw me helping my good mate Ryan Jarvis photograph the wedding of Sophie and Rob. The whole wedding day was to take place at The Old Hall Hotel just outside Ely, excellent no driving like Michael Schumacher between locations! The ceremony was going to take place outside, so I had everything crossed on the drive to Ely. Luckily my “Anti rain dance” I had preformed on Friday night seemed to work, slightly cloudy and a little windy but pretty much ideal photography conditions. 

The whole day went really well with Rob’s mates in blinding form and Sophie and the bridesmaids looking very sophisticated and elegant. There were so many little touches and details it was difficult to take them all in. Rob’s into Lego…. errr ok.. but every place setting at the wedding breakfast had a small Lego figure, these were matched to look like the guest at that seat. just before I go, I must say the speeches were some of the best I’ve heard. Absolutely hilarious, totally original and certainly not Googled.

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