Tina & Darryl

Yet another trip up the M11 from Harlow to March in Cambridgeshire, once again helping Ryan Jarvis (we must stop meeting like this, people will start to talk!) shoot the wedding of Tina and Darryl. Saturday was a lovely, pleasantly warm day with bright sunshine. Photographing the boys getting ready was a painless affair with everybody really relaxed and getting ready in about ten minutes (don’t you just love being a man). Next stop: the pub for a quick nerve settler, then over to St Johns church in March for the ceremony. After the ceremony and some live singing, it was down to a nearby nature reserve for the bride and groom pictures. Forty minutes later it was off to the reception with the nice warm feeling inside that Tina and Darryl will have some awesome images. At the reception the children seem quite happy fighting with balloons while the adults chilled out with a few drinks. Finally finished around 8pm, feet aching a little, and wishing my car had cruise control for the trip home.

Wedding photography-harlow-essex